Health care works for millions of Americans today. But we know there’s much more to be done to ensure that it works for every single person. Through Better Care America, we’re building on and improving what’s working while fixing what’s broken in health care to lower costs and expand access to affordable, high-quality coverage for everyone.


Alexis’ health insurance provider covered 99% of her life-changing back surgery – meaning she could return to her active lifestyle without crippling medical debt.

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  1. Chuck

    For the past four years, Chuck Dolan has worked as a professional motor coach driver for Mears Transportation in central Florida. Chuck enjoyed meeting tourists visiting Orlando and the financial stability and health benefits that came with the job.

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  2. John

    Business executive John T. Bass has worked in a variety of roles and industries over his five-decade long  career. For many years, John received employer-provided health care and touts its benefits, saying, “Employer-provided coverage gave me total peace of mind; it meant both financial security and access to high-quality care.” 

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  3. Maggie

    When Maggie Talarico was working to open her small business, Foresight Construction Services, she was committed to being able to offer health coverage for her employees. “I had dreamt of starting a business for years, but wanted to be sure I could secure health care for myself and offer it to my employees before getting off the ground,” she said. “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made that dream a reality, eliminating a barrier to growing my business.”

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  4. Brittani

    Like many, Brittani Arceneaux could not afford to miss work amidst the pandemic. The access to regular COVID-19 testing – and the reassurance she would get the required care if she did contract the virus – her health plan gave her offered the peace of mind necessary for Brittani to continue to perform her job to the best of her abilities.

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  5. Anne

    Anne T.’s employer-provided coverage has given her financial stability and peace of mind, even helping her access long-needed hearing aides: “I knew I needed them, but I did not realize just how much I was missing without them.”

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  6. KimYen

    KimYen Huynh, Founder and President of the Asian American Business Women Association, shares why she values her Medicare Advantage plan and how it gave her peace of mind amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

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  7. Vicki

    Vicki Lightcap, a certified health coach, shared the role health insurers played in helping keep her clients healthy throughout the pandemic.

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  8. Stephen

    For Stephen McCalman, a teaching assistant and graduate student pursuing his Master of Education, the opportunity to get coverage on his state’s exchange under the Affordable Care Act was an essential part of continuing to assist his students and keep his parents safe during the pandemic.

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  9. Aubrey

    Aubrey Kyte is passionate about supporting others and volunteers every week at her church in Austin, Texas. In her professional career, she’s worked as an account manager to help businesses navigate their billing and transactional services.

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  10. Monica

    Monica Pappas, CEO & owner of Fingerprinting Express in Nevada, shares why her company offers health coverage as another way to invest in its employees.

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  11. Bruce

    Bruce Duncan is a retired banker in Weatherford, Texas, who, like so many Americans, has benefitted from increased access to telehealth services through his insurer during the COVID-19 crisis.

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  12. Micki

    Like so many Americans during the COVID-19 crisis, Micki and her family began taking advantage of telehealth services covered by her health insurance provider.

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