David DeLeon is a Board Member of the La Habra Collective, a group that unites government, non-profits, businesses, schools and faith-based groups under one umbrella, to focus on social barriers to good health, wellness, fitness, and a handful of other pressing issues.

The Collaborative serves as a catalyst for individuals and organizations to come together to share opportunities and resources. Board Member David DeLeon has worked with the city of La Habra, California, for more than 25 years, and led the Collaborative and its outreach as Co-Executive Director. He is also Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Friends of Family Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in La Habra.

La Habra Collaborative partners with community organizations to tackle social determinants of health – including lack of access to health care, food insecurity, unstable housing, and social isolation – that are at the root of so many challenges facing children and families. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, the organization has worked to help community members in need. Their community food program, for example, works with faith-based and nonprofit organizations, local school districts, and retailers to provide families with hygiene supplies and fresh food like eggs, milk, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

La Habra Collaborative has also sought to bridge gaps between government, the local health department, and health care providers during these challenging times. Through partnerships with local clinics and health agencies, including La Habra’s FQHCs, the organization provided COVID testing, vaccinations, and information. While people spent months or longer at home, the organization delivered food and resources to seniors and the sick. At the same time, recognizing the impact of social isolation, they partnered with Anthem Blue Cross to help seniors by providing useful information, creating artistic projects, and offering opportunities for virtual companionship and support to ensure that their mental health needs were being met.

These dedicated community members, their partners, and the organization’s supporters know that in order to achieve health equity, everyone needs to address social determinants of health. Working in parallel with members of the business community, health insurance providers and government agencies, La Habra Collaborative is helping families overcome social barriers to health.

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