Jennifer Davis, CEO and Private Wealth Advisor of SkyOak Capital Inc., has been in the wealth advisory business since the 1990s. She has always advocated for employee access to health insurance benefits.

SkyOak Capital offers employer-provided coverage to help ensure its employees have access to critical health services and preventive care, something that has become more vital during the COVID-19 crisis “I want my employees to be healthy and be able to perform their job to the best of their ability,” she said. Jennifer went on to note that employer-provided coverage also delivers financial security for employees and their loved ones.

During the pandemic, one of Jennifer’s employees needed to be transported to the hospital and treated for an acute COVID-19 infection. Jennifer shared:

“Our employee received high-quality care at the hospital and was able to quickly beat this disease. It’s a relief knowing her employer-provided care was able to cover her medical treatments and visit to the hospital. I shudder to think what could have happened if she didn’t have access to high-quality employer-provided care. I worry if she didn’t have coverage, the potential costs of medical treatments at the hospital may have deterred her from getting the medical care that she desperately needed to beat COVID-19. It reminded me that we made the right choice for our employees. Our employees should have access to health care coverage and they should have access to care that’s there when they need it. Knowing our employees receive employer-provided coverage gives me a peace of mind.”

Looking to the future, Jennifer says, “Offering employer-provided coverage will remain an important part of our business’ commitment to the health of our employees. Offering employer-provided coverage to our employees has allowed us to invest in their well-being and future. We also recognize how important access to health benefits are to retaining our employees and recruiting new ones.”

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