Ty Harrell lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He, and is a sales leader at a global technology company. He receives employer-provided coverage and the high-quality health benefits his coverage delivers.

Last year, before the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, Ty received the frightening news that he’d tested positive for the virus. “I wore my mask and social distanced as much as possible, but I still tested positive for COVID-19,” said Ty. “It just goes to show how contagious this virus was and continues to be.”

Thankfully, Ty was able to make a full recovery after quarantining at home and using telehealth services to consult with his doctor to address his symptoms.

Without the employer-provided coverage that allowed him to access the care he needed, Ty noted that he would not have been able to return to work and his family responsibilities as quickly. Ty’s coverage provided him with peace of mind, knowing that he could easily access care should he need it going forward.

Ty explained, “I appreciate that my health insurance coverage was there when I needed it. It’s nice being able to access preventive care services and other health benefits through telehealth. With my coverage, I don’t have to stress about the cost of accessing the care I need.”

Ty wants everyone to know just how dangerous COVID-19 is, and he urges people to take the opportunity to get vaccinated. Ty shared, “I was lucky to be able to recover quickly. But the only thing that will keep COVID-19’s Delta variant and future variants at bay is the vaccine.”

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