Kathy Johnson works for a small hotel supply company that helps hotels across the country identify and purchase hospitality products and furniture.

At the start of the pandemic, the hospitality industry came to a virtual standstill as conferences moved online and travelers cancelled their plans to comply with state lockdown orders. During this economic downturn, many of Kathy’s friends and associates were furloughed or let go by their employer.

Fortunately, Kathy maintained her job as well as her employer-provided coverage throughout the pandemic. She says, “I have multiple family members fighting cancer, including my husband who is on my coverage plan. They rely heavily on me to assist with the caretaking and managing their medical appointments and treatments. With my husband’s chemotherapy, I’m relieved my employer-provided coverage can help cover his medical expenses. I feel more financially secure knowing that my employer-provided coverage will continue to provide care and cover medical treatments for my family. We’re able to breathe a little easier knowing my employer-provided coverage is there when we need it most.”

Kathy’s employer-provided coverage helps ensure her family can continue to afford her husband’s medical care, which have included kidney removal, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. “We have been extremely fortunate to maintain our health care during the pandemic. Had we not had access to health care, our treatment plan could have been much different,” Kathy added.

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