Scott Seastrand is the Executive Vice President and Partner of a family-owned construction and demolition recycling company with over 250 employees in Southern Nevada.

The company, Western Elite, has always treated their employees more like family, so when Nevada put in place mandatory stay-at-home orders, they decided to do everything they could to keep everyone employed and continue offering employer-provided health coverage.

“We knew how important it was to provide high-quality health care coverage to our employees and their families, especially when they needed it most, in the height of the pandemic,” Scott said. “We worked very closely with our health plan because we didn’t want to sacrifice the level of care we have always provided to our employees. Maintaining health benefits and coverage are critical investments in our employees and business. We were able to manage costs and keep everyone working and covered.”

Most of the jobs at Western Elite require physical labor, so safety is incredibly important to the company. And so, when the vaccine became available, Western Elite also made it a priority to encourage employees to stay safe by getting vaccinated.

“We have daily meetings with our drivers and supervisors, and we stress the importance of being safe and protecting ourselves and our clients,” Scott said. “Having employer-provided coverage gives them a measure of protection as they know we care about their health and well-being. We encourage employees to use their health benefits, maintain regular medical appointments and not let physical injuries go untreated. I appreciate my employees have a vested interested in their health benefits and financial security.”

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