Pete Popivchak, a partner-owner at Wall-to-Wall Studios, and his partners consider it a management responsibility to provide their employees with high-quality, affordable health care coverage.

Since its formation in 1992, Wall-to-Wall Studios, a branding agency, has always sought to foster a sense of family: From rooftop barbecues to its collaborative and unique process for developing creative content.

They took the same approach when it came to ensuring employees had benefits that supported employees’ overall health, wellness, and financial security.

“The leadership of our firm has always maintained that health care is an indispensable benefit and requirement of running a successful, employee-focused business. All our employees should have access to a health plan that works for them. We’ve been very deliberate about evaluating providers and health plans that offer quality coverage and keep costs manageable for everyone.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Pete and his partners instituted a staff exercise designed to remind employees about the importance of remaining healthy both physically and mentally. Pete used the opportunity to make staff aware of the additional services their health insurance provider was offering to members in response to the pandemic, including mental health counseling.

“We wanted our employees to be proactive in not only taking the necessary steps to remain healthy physically but to also be mindful of their mental health. Knowing that our employees had access to mental health services was incredibly reassuring as a business owner.”

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