Scott Bourne and his family live in Metuchen, New Jersey, where he works in Information Technology management and receives employer-provided coverage.

“I was very fortunate to depend on my employer-provided coverage throughout the COVID-19 crisis. While I don’t suffer from any pre-existing or chronic conditions, I’m comforted knowing that I will have access to high-quality care that’s there when I need it. It’s also a tremendous financial relief having my family on my plan as well.”

Scott says confidence in his coverage helps him focus on performing his job to the best of his abilities: “My employer-provided coverage is comprehensive and provides me and my family with access to high-quality medical services. It’s also easy to navigate and I appreciate its benefits when it comes to accessing prescription drugs, preventive services, as well as the vision and dental benefits.”

He shared how his family relied on telehealth services for preventive and emergency care services during the pandemic: “I’m extremely grateful my employer-provided coverage also included access to telehealth services. We were able to access our doctors all from the comfort of our home and didn’t have to worry about potentially exposing ourselves to COVID-19.”

Scott notes that he feels very supported by his employer and appreciates the investments they make to ensure that he and his family receive the medical services they need.

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