Kristin Loannou is the Executive Director of Pennsylvania Women Work, a workforce development organization.

Pennsylvania Women Work partners with more than 200 employers across the state to support clients on their path to obtaining meaningful employment, including the full package of benefits. “We work with our clients to understand that health coverage, 401K, vacation, and sick days are all part of the full compensation package that leads to financial security,” said Kristin.

Kristin is committed to practicing ensuring that employees of the organization have high-quality health coverage. “Having worked with more than 68,000 women in career transition across the state throughout the last three decades, our organization and staff understand how catastrophic a health emergency can be for people who are uninsured,” said Kristin. “We encourage our clients to search for jobs that include health coverage, and I want to be sure Pennsylvania Women Work leads by example.”

The non-profit sector is a competitive market for talent, and Pennsylvania Women Work’s benefits package, including health coverage, allows them to recruit and retain employees.

Pennsylvania Women Work has a strong relationship with its health insurance provider, which works with Kristin and her team to identify coverage that meets their needs. “Health care coverage is always important and it’s not something you think about until it’s needed. We live in a city with world-class care, and it’s reassuring that our employees have coverage that allows them to benefit from that care whenever it’s needed,” Kristin shared.

“So often, women put their health aside and prioritize other things, causing them to delay preventive or needed care. It’s scary when women live without coverage for long periods of time, which puts their health and personal finances at risk. We’re proud to offer employer-provided coverage and recognize the impact this coverage has on both our employees’ and clients’ lives,” Kristin explained.

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