In retirement, Matt Sullivan chose Medicare Advantage to manage his health care needs, a decision he says saved his life. Matt shared, “I can tell you with no hesitation that without my Medicare Advantage, I would not be here.”

In 2019, Matt contacted his doctor after noticing blood in his urine. After discussing his symptoms, his doctor prescribed medication and ordered lab tests and an ultrasound. Thanks to the medicine, Matt felt better after three days and thought his problem had been solved. He decided to not move forward with the tests.

A few months later, his doctor followed up to ask why he hadn’t completed the lab work or tests, and was very insistent that Matt get the ultrasound immediately. Thankfully, Matt followed through this time.

The results of the tests showed Matt had a large malignant tumor on the right side of his kidney.

“Without my Medicare Advantage plan, I don’t know that I would have been able to work with a very well-respected doctor or receive the high-quality medical treatments,” said Matt. “As I’m retired, I’m extremely grateful that my ultrasound test, visits to the doctor, and medical treatments were all covered by my health care plan.” His health coverage also made it possible for a renowned specialist to remove the cancerous organ.

Matt shared, “There is no way I would have gotten such incredible treatment without my Medicare Advantage plan. They were easy to work with and provided me the best options available!”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Matt again received devastating news when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. With his Medicare Advantage plan, he has been able to undergo the radiation and chemotherapy treatments he will need to beat the cancer.

“It was certainly the toughest thing I’ve ever had to endure. Thankfully with my Medicare Advantage plan, I was able to access excellent health care specialists and receive the best medical treatments possible,” Matt said.

Matt continues to receive medical treatments and get tested regularly. He’s remains extremely thankful for the coverage he gets through Medicare Advantage.

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