KimYen Huynh, Founder and President of the Asian American Business Women Association, shares why she values her Medicare Advantage plan and how it gave her peace of mind amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Following a 31-year career in the banking and finance industry, KimYen Huynh remains active in her community as the Founder and President of the Asian American Business Women Association, a membership organization located in Orange County, CA. In retirement, KimYen enrolled in Medicare Advantage for her personal health care needs.

KimYen’s Medicare Advantage plan has provided her with high-quality affordable coverage. She has Type-2 diabetes, which requires regular check-ups that are always covered. She also appreciated that she was able to see an endocrinologist as directed by her primary care physician for diagnostic testing at no extra cost. KimYen is also comforted by the prescription drug coverage included with her Medicare Advantage plan, which ensures she can access the prescription drugs she needs to stay healthy at a price she can afford.

KimYen’s Medicare Advantage has provided her with peace of mind especially during the COVID-19 crisis. KimYen was able to get tested for COVID-19 several times and never had to pay for a test with the assistance of Medicare Advantage. She is now fully vaccinated and is extremely grateful that she made it through this challenging time without the anxiety that so many of her friends and contemporaries had to deal with, knowing that she would be fully covered and be able to utilize additional health care services if she did contract the virus.

Overall, KimYen is very happy with her Medicare Advantage plan, noting: “The security of knowing that I can receive such high-quality care at low cost after the conclusion of my years in the workforce is priceless.”

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