Vicki Lightcap, a certified health coach, shared the role health insurers played in helping keep her clients healthy throughout the pandemic.

Vicki Lightcap

Vicki Lightcap is a long-time public servant and certified health coach. In this role, Vicki serves as a liaison between patients and doctors. She helps her clients improve their overall well-being and mental health by implementing recommendations outlined by their physicians and nutritionists. For example, she assisted several pre-diabetic clients by helping them prepare healthy recipes, meal plans, and exercise schedules that adhere to their nutritionists’ instructions. As a health coach, she understands the real impacts that access to health care services, healthy foods, and exercise can have on a person’s overall health. She has also seen how health insurance providers are creating solutions to address social determinants of health and improve the health of communities in Pennsylvania.

Vicki often works with health insurance providers to improve her client’s ability to make healthy choices and live a healthy life. Additionally, she helps her clients take advantage of health insurance programs and benefits that are aimed at promoting the well-being of all Americans.

Like so many others at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Vicki quickly pivoted to reaching her clients through telehealth services and virtual appointments. “I found telehealth services gave me the opportunity to connect with more people regardless of where they lived in Pennsylvania,” she said. “Telehealth services were incredibly helpful as my clients were still able to meet with their health care providers throughout the pandemic. I’ve been able to assist my clients with implementing healthier strategies—as directed by their physicians and nutritionists. My goal as their coach is to help them improve their diets and well-being, as well as reduce their long-term health care costs.”

Health coaches and health insurance providers are helping tackle social barriers. “The pandemic has exacerbated the societal challenges to health and underscored the urgent need to address them. Health coaches and health insurance programs can reach people suffering with isolation and other health care problems,” Vicki noted. “With the help of telehealth services, health coaches are still able to connect with people during the pandemic to improve mental health, diet, and overall well-being. In a post-pandemic world, I look forward to continuing to support my clients through virtual appointments to further help them implement strategies to enhance their quality of life.”

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