Anne T.’s employer-provided coverage has given her financial stability and peace of mind, even helping her access long-needed hearing aides: “I knew I needed them, but I did not realize just how much I was missing without them.”

Anne has always had a passion for nature, as well as sharing its wonders with others. Over the past 20 years, she has worked for zoos, aquariums and museums where she took care of animals and developed curricula for engaging students and visitors.

Recently, Anne has split her time between part-time jobs at different museums. During this period, her hearing continued to decline as a result of a benign brain tumor, making it far more difficult to interact with visitors.

In 2020, Anne accepted a full-time position with a museum to design and implement its educational curriculum. In this role, she receives employer-provided health coverage, allowing her to access a variety of high-quality health care services. Anne’s health insurance provider helped her access the hearing aids she had needed for years.

Anne values her employer-provided coverage and shared how it’s given her a financial peace of mind. This coverage has empowered Anne to achieve financial security for herself. She noted how she turned to her employer-provided coverage for help in accessing preventive care, emergency care, prescription drugs and COVID-19 resources.

“Hearing aids have changed my life. I am now so much better able to communicate with co-workers and visitors, especially with kids. I knew I needed them, but I did not realize just how much I was missing without them. Without the health insurance offered through my workplace, I doubt I ever would’ve taken this important step. I’m greatly appreciative for the health and financial security that my employer-provided coverage has afforded me.”

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