“Without Good Health Care, I Don’t Know if My Son Would be Alive Today”

November 22, 2019

Any mother understands that the health of an infant child is the top priority in our lives. And knowing that they will have access to the best possible health care is a peace of mind that Ketsie, Urbandale, IA wouldn’t trade for the world.

“It began with uncontrollable diarrhea, and quickly turned into a problem that we knew required a trip to the hospital. We live in a rural area of Iowa and, unfortunately, our local hospital was unable to properly diagnose him for three days. Thankfully, we were able to transfer him to a hospital in Omaha where they diagnosed him with e-coli and discovered that his kidneys were nearly shut down.”

"Our insurance provider was completely understanding throughout this difficult and uncertain time, ensuring that my son received top of the line care from the necessary doctors and hospitals."

“It wasn’t just the fact that our insurer had the best health interests of my son in mind. The financial security they gave us by covering the cost of his care allowed our family to focus entirely on making him healthy again. We truly received superior care that saved my son’s life, and I don’t know if I could say that had it not been for our insurance provider.”

– Ketsie, Urbandale, IA

(This Letter to the Editor was originally published in the Des Moines Register.)

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