Rep. Mikie Sherrill Talks Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health

December 16, 2021

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) recently joined a roundtable hosted by Oscar Health and Better Care America to discuss social determinants of health impacting New Jersey residents, health equity, and the ACA marketplace.

Rep. Sherrill opened the roundtable by celebrating efforts to expand health care access throughout the pandemic, especially though telehealth. She noted, “Some working moms who have trouble getting their kids to the doctor and regular visits, they could do telehealth. They didn’t have to take half the day off to get their child to the doctor’s office. That could provide such a benefit to so many families.”

Alyssa Canter, Director of Government Affairs for Oscar Health, highlighted the importance of strengthening the ACA marketplace to improve the health equity and health care access, as laid out by Rep. Sherrill. She also noted the work Oscar has done to provide high-quality health care to historically underserved populations. Oscar’s Culturally Competent Care Program is one example of these efforts. Alyssa explained that the program was designed “to better support access for members with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors,” harnesses data analytics to ensure participants receive care that fits their cultural, social and linguistic needs.

Louis DeStefano, Senior Vice President of Growth for Oscar Health, also highlighted how federal and state measures helped get more New Jersey residents covered during the pandemic under the ACA marketplace.

Morris Township Mayor Jeff Grayzel and Bloomfield Township Mayor Michael Venezia both noted they are focused on reducing health care costs for their constituents. Each offered that incorporating more robust data int
o health care could help lower costs and help providers understand patients’ cultural and social needs as they relate to providing appropriate care.

Rep. Sherrill closed the roundtable by thanking the other participants and praising their work to provide “more care to more people more easily.”

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