Troy Hirschhorn recently graduated from the University of Texas and was hired as a Product Control Manager for a prominent logistics and distribution company in Austin, Texas. As the COVID-19 crisis impacted the economy, Troy like so many Americans was let go from his full-time job in March. ​

Troy has a pre-existing health condition that can flare up in times of stress. Due to the added stress during this time, Troy experienced a flare up of his condition, and recognized the need to address his health issues.​

Troy sought out and enrolled in an ACA Marketplace plan and was able to afford coverage and receive the treatment he needed. Like many Americans, he continues to worry about finding employment again. But despite the stress of losing his job, he was able to find a health care plan that worked for him and allowed him to receive necessary care. ​

Without his ACA coverage, he would have been stuck either going into debt paying for a treatment he could not afford or forgoing treatment altogether.

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