Presley Design Studio LC is a small, award-winning marketing and advertising company in Belton, TX. They specialize in multimedia design and creative campaigns and have successfully grown since their founding in 2001 by Heather Presley.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and taking care of their employees has been essential to the company’s nearly two decades of success. However, as the COVID-19 crisis began and stay-at-home orders became a reality in Texas, the company was faced with a significant downturn in business.

To keep the business afloat during the crisis, Heather applied for a PPP loan to give the company a boost. She was able to secure a PPP loan, which helped the company to continue forging ahead. It also helped fulfill Presley Design Studio’s commitment to their employees’ health. Recognizing health coverage would be essential during a pandemic, the company decided to use part of their PPP loan to continue health coverage for employees on the company’s sponsored plan. “As a small company, we do our best to offer health insurance. It’s important to us that our employees have access to affordable and quality care, especially with the uncertainty created by the coronavirus.” By accessing government emergency relief and prioritizing health care during COVID-19, Presley Design Studio LC provided peace of mind to their employees, ensuring they were covered.

The company is working hard to ensure a bright future once the pandemic subsides. Thankfully, they have a strong culture, a book of satisfied customers and a foundation of talented employees that helped them through economic uncertainty. “The PPP loan helped our company bridge the gap that was created by the pandemic. We are still working hard on our business to come out of this stronger than ever, and we’re proud we were able to keep our health benefits going for our employees during this time.”

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