Roundtable: Discussing Health Care Priorities with Rep. Susie Lee

May 12, 2021

Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV) recently met with health care leaders in Nevada for a virtual conversation convened by Better Care America on critical health care priorities, including efforts to tackle social determinants of health, steps being taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of employer-provided coverage. 

Speaking with representatives from Hometown Health, Renown Health, the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce and Clark & Associates, Rep. Lee commended health insurance providers, noting that “private companies have stepped up to the plate” to expand access to employer-provided coverage. She went on to say that “the one thing we need to be working on above all else is bringing down health care costs.” 

Hometown Health CEO David Hansen explained that his company was helping to do just that by prioritizing value-based care and implementing innovative solutions that address the social factors that drive health outcomes. 

“We take a sincere interest in the health and wellness of the people we serve,” Hansen explained. “Today, when someone is discharged from the hospital, they get home-based services 72 hours after discharge to make sure that they’re getting the right medication, their social needs are met, including transportation and housing. And that we’re coordinating care after the discharge.” 

These services are vital for many. Rep. Lee shared her personal experience of helping care for her elderly parents at home, and acknowledged that extending support beyond the hospital is critical for many families.  

“I do think that we have got to get serious about bringing down the cost of health care and working on health outcomes,” explained Rep. Lee. “It’s not just the outcomes of what happens when you go to the doctor when you’re sick. It’s preventing people from becoming sick in the first place.” 

Other participants included Ty Windfeldt, Chief Operating Officer of Renown Health, Valerie Clark, President of Clark & Associates, a Nevada-based insurance brokerage, and Peter Guzman, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce. 

The participants ended by agreeing that all stakeholders in our health care system must work together to fight this virus, support employer-provided coverage, and address social determinants of health.

“Private insurance works for many families in Nevada and across the country, Rep. Lee said. As we work to determine the future of health care in America, we need to ensure that everyone has access to affordable coverage that’s right for their families.

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