Roundtable: Discussing Health Care Priorities in Nevada with Rep. Steven Horsford

June 18, 2021

Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) recently joined a virtual roundtable conversation hosted by Better Care America (BCA) to discuss health equity, affordability, and access to health care in Nevada.

Rep. Horsford met with representatives from Hometown Health, Renown Health, the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, and Clark & Associates. He opened the conversation by sharing his thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and how it has shaped his priorities in Congress. He shared, “COVID-19 has shone a light on the innate weaknesses of our health care system. That’s why health equity and economic equity are two of my top priorities this Congress.” Explaining why equitable access to high-quality care is essential, Horsford said, “No one should be choosing between their medication and buying groceries, especially when a good diet is an important indicator of health quality.”

Following Rep. Horsford’s remarks, David Hansen, CEO of Hometown Health, discussed how their health plan is working to build a better system of organized care for Nevadans. Hansen emphasized the important role that proactive, preventive care plays in broadening health equity and improving outcomes.

Ty Windfeld, Chief Operating Officer of Renown Health, shared how they are using lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis to help improve care for their members. “We’re focused on trying to make this a better system,” he said. “We’re working on how to turn this around and make a bad situation better.” Ty also thanked Rep. Horsford for his work to support all Nevadans, especially during the height of the pandemic.

Peter Guzman, President & CEO of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, discussed how members of the Chamber are helping ensure people of color and the Latino community can access affordable care. Guzman praised Rep. Horsford for his continued support of Nevada’s Latino community and the Latin Chamber.

Valerie Clark, President of Clark & Associates, noted the value of employer-sponsored coverage when it comes to health equity and access, told her experience working with business owners to meet the needs of their employees. Clark also discussed how the COVID-19 crisis has created more opportunities for people to seek out mental health services, especially through telehealth. “I think the health care community has really rallied around this topic,” she said.

Rep. Horsford wrapped up the discussion by reiterating the need to address underlying and systemic health issues impacting communities of color and vulnerable communities in Nevada. He said he looks forward to working with the roundtable participants to “crush this virus” and address the inequities it has exposed.

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