Sam Paul is a Water Resources Engineer in Austin, Texas.

When she isn’t at her job as a Water Resources Engineer, Sam spends her days rock climbing, playing tennis, and relaxing at the lake with friends. She’s active in her church group and also volunteers with several nonprofit organizations in her community.

In her full-time position, she receives employer-provided health coverage, allowing her to access preventive care and a variety of other high-quality health care services.

Earlier this year, Sam visited her dermatologist for a routine skin check where her doctor found a suspicious mole on her back. Her dermatologist decided that the mole needed to be biopsied and the test came back as pre-melanoma. The following week, Sam returned for an outpatient procedure to remove the mole and send it out for further testing.

This was a stressful process for a young, healthy 25-year-old. Luckily, Sam’s dermatologist was in her employer-provided coverage network and Sam didn’t face any out-of-pocket costs for the procedure. “It was scary knowing that I could possibly have skin cancer at such a young age,” said Sam. “I had to take time off of work for medical appointments and was required to scale back my active lifestyle to let my back heal. I was so relieved when I found out my employer-provided coverage plan covered the medical costs entirely. Not having a financial burden on top of everything else was a huge relief.”

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