Business executive John T. Bass has worked in a variety of roles and industries over his five-decade long  career. For many years, John received employer-provided health care and touts its benefits, saying, “Employer-provided coverage gave me total peace of mind; it meant both financial security and access to high-quality care.” 

He shared that his employer-provided coverage was both comprehensive and easy to use, including access to preventive care services, prescription drugs, as well as dental and vision benefits. John says that he appreciated that his employers had a vested interest in his health and financial security.

Today, as an independent operational and financial advisor to small- and medium-sized companies, John gets his coverage through the Medicare Advantage program, which has given him the ability to continue to receive high-quality, affordable care.

 A few years ago John noticed he was feeling exhausted even after a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, his Medicare Advantage plan covered an overnight sleep study at a health care facility. After John was diagnosed with sleep apnea (a serious sleep disorder which impacts breathing), he was able to receive the necessary care to ensure his breathing was no longer interrupted throughout his sleep. “If it wasn’t for my Medicare Advantage plan, I probably would have avoided visiting a potentially costly sleep center and continued living with sleep apnea without treatment,” he said. “I’m thankful my plan provides quality care that’s there when I need it.”

 In September 2020, John also was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis – commonly known as eczema. The skin condition caused certain areas around his knees and elbows to become extremely sensitive to touch and irritation. He said, “I worked with my dermatologist through the diagnosis and treatment process. My Medicare Advantage plan has helped me receive the necessary ointments, prescription medications and shots to ease my pain and irritation. Thankfully, my Medicare Advantage plan has covered most of the medical appointments and treatments.” John’s health plan also provides access to telehealth services, which he says has made it possible for him to quickly connect with his doctors and dermatologists when he has questions about his dermatitis and the treatment process.

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