As businesses across the country wrestle with the financial carnage stemming from the COVID-19 crisis, George Weishoff sacrificed his own salary in order to maintain his employees’ salaries and health care benefits.

George is the President and Owner of MED-FLEX, Inc., a medical waste transportation company servicing all of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. He has 22 years of experience in the medical waste management industry and has been a proud member of the Healthcare Waste Institute for over 15 years.

As New Jersey put in place mandatory stay-at-home orders, Med-Flex, Inc. was confronted with a significant downturn in business revenue. Medical offices and centers were not operating at or near normal capacity, if at all – which gravely impacted George’s business. Medical waste collections declined roughly 50% on average, which translated to a significant loss of revenue. However, George was determined to maintain his employees’ full salaries and benefits for as long as possible. Recognizing the necessity of maintaining health care coverage for his employees and their families during a health crisis, he chose to forego his own salary so they could continue to receive benefits. In this challenging period, he went a step further to support all of his employees by moving company drivers from an hourly wage to salaried compensation.

George said, “I believe maintaining salary and health care benefits for my employees is a critical investment for my business. I have concerns about our income, but I understand that some portion of the business will always be operational based on the essential health care functions of the customers we serve. At Med-Flex, Inc., the quality and experience of our employees is one of the most important competitive differentiators and we can attribute that to our supportive employee environment.”

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