When Erik Vargas was in an accident that seriously injured his knees and quadricep tendon, his employer-provided coverage allowed him to seek out care immediately and allowed him to receive the treatment he needed at a price he could afford.

Three years ago, Erik Vargas was involved in a snowboarding accident, where he badly injured both knees, damaging his quadricep tendon. Erik was nervous about the cost of seeking medical treatment for his knees but thanks to his coverage through work, he was able to receive physical therapy.

Erik’s employer-provided coverage gave him the ability to visit his therapist once a week for three months and work on rebuilding and strengthening his right tendons and muscles.

“I’d probably be in a worse situation right now if I didn’t seek medical attention when I did. I was so lucky that my health plan helped me financially. I only paid $20 for each visit to my physical therapist, something that easily could have cost me hundreds or more without insurance!”

Like so many Americans receiving care through employer-provided coverage, he’s felt more financially secure. Erik noted he values his employer-provided coverage, saying that he’s been able to access a variety of preventive care services, prescription drugs and emergency care without the fear of hefty medical bills. He shared his employer-provided health care coverage is easy to access in both preventive and emergency care situations.

“I need to take care of myself more and take advantage of the health care services and benefits offered to me by my employer.”

Today, Erik says he feels much better and is grateful for the treatment he received because of his employer-provided coverage.

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