Bruce Duncan is a retired banker in Weatherford, Texas, who, like so many Americans, has benefitted from increased access to telehealth services through his insurer during the COVID-19 crisis.

Telehealth services have allowed Bruce to receive quality consultation and care from doctors he trusts, all from the comfort of his home.

Bruce and his family have avoided public places as much as possible to stay healthy and safe, requiring them to find new ways to receive needed health care. He’s recently used telehealth services to meet with his doctors, enabled by his health insurers’ recognition of the increased need for remote care options for patients. He said: “Access to telehealth has been extremely helpful for me as I’ve been able to get consultations right from my home instead of having to venture out and risk getting the virus. I’ve been able to meet with my Primary Physician and rheumatologist.”

He shared how thankful he is for health insurance providers and doctors expanding access to telehealth. Bruce said: “I’m getting older and have a broken back and have lost vision in one of my eyes. My daughter takes me and my wife to and from any appointments we have, but with telehealth, I’ve been able to have my appointments without ever leaving my chair. It’s saved me stress.”

Bruce recommends telemedicine services for his fellow patients, “especially for seniors with the threat of coronavirus.”

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