Aubrey Kyte is passionate about supporting others and volunteers every week at her church in Austin, Texas. In her professional career, she’s worked as an account manager to help businesses navigate their billing and transactional services.

In March 2021, Aubrey transitioned to a new position at a different company. During the transition period, Aubrey’s previous employer stepped in to help her continue to receive health coverage through COBRA. COBRA provides workers and their families the option to remain on their previous employer’s health plan during these times of transition, helping empower people like Aubrey to take the next step in their career without the fear of a gap in coverage. Aubrey felt more financially secure knowing she could still access care and afford her prescription drugs. She said, “When I found out my health coverage was being taken care of by COBRA, I felt such relief. I felt confident advancing my career without the fear of losing my health coverage.”

Aubrey is now receiving health coverage through her new employer. The coverage Aubrey receives through her job helps her access prescription drugs, preventive care, and emergency care.

In addition to the medical services and preventive care covered with Aubrey’s employer-provided coverage, Aubrey has even utilized telemedicine for the first time to get care from a dermatologist. She noted, “My previous dermatologist was located more than 30 minutes away from my new office. Through the use of telehealth, I was able to utilize my lunch break, rather than take the afternoon off.” Aubrey’s employer-provided coverage provides her greater confidence in her new role, as well as financial security and peace of mind.

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