Medicare Advantage

More than 20 million Americans choose to get their Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage is a public-private partnership where health insurance providers cover everything traditional Medicare covers – and more.

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Medicare Advantage is growing, serving more than 30% of all Medicare beneficiaries today. Hardworking Americans from all backgrounds, all over the country – including nearly half of Latino and a third of African American beneficiaries – choose Medicare Advantage. And more than half of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries have incomes of less than $30,000.

Americans who are eligible for Medicare can enroll in Medicare Advantage plans during the Open Enrollment Period each year, which usually runs from mid-October through early December.

Medicare Advantage plans deliver affordable coverage. They cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors, which regular Medicare doesn’t, and they cover services and extra benefits that traditional Medicare does not.

In 2019:

  • An estimated 2.4 million more Americans will choose Medicare Advantage, for a total enrollment of 22.6 million – 37% of all Medicare beneficiaries.

  • The average Medicare Advantage premium is expected to fall at least 6%, and more than 80% of Medicare Advantage enrollees will have the same premium or lower than in 2018.

  • Medicare Advantage plans will be available to 99% of Medicare-eligible Americans.

  • More than 91% of beneficiaries will have 10 or more plans to choose from, and each U.S. county will have 34 different plans to choose from on average.

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