Medicaid is a safety net, there for us when we need it. It’s the largest health care program in the country – covering about one in five Americans, or about 73 million people.

No matter how prepared you are, you never know when you or your family may face hard times. All Americans deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing Medicaid will protect their health and financial security.

Medicaid coverage is available at little or no cost to enrollees and helps families in need access doctors and hospitals, nursing home care, prescription drugs, and other health services. Medicaid often also covers additional benefits like non-emergency medical transportation to doctors’ appointments, dental care, and health education.

Millions of our neighbors depend on Medicaid every day, including:

  • Nearly two million veterans

  • Seven million seniors age 65+

  • 11 million Americans with disabilities

  • 37 million children

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