No one should hesitate to get tested or treated for COVID-19 because of concerns about costs.

Asian-American parents playing with their toddler daughter on the floor in their living room.

From expanding public health capacity to ensuring access to testing, to taking action to mitigate the economic and societal impact, these are serious and significant times. Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis will require a far-reaching and coordinated response from government and the private sector. All stakeholders in our health care system must work together to defeat this virus.

Health insurance providers are taking decisive actions to help patients and curb the spread of the virus, including:

  • waiving patient costs for testing to diagnose COVID-19, and for treatment – no copay, no coinsurance required.

  • waiving prior authorization for those seeking testing to diagnose COVID-19, or for treatment.

  • expanding access to telemedicine programs to ease the burden on our health system and allow hospitals to care for people who need it most, while limiting the exposure of health care workers and patients to the disease.

  • providing resources and services to address mental health and addiction as new challenges related to social distancing, financial uncertainty, job loss, and shifting priorities for health care resources impose an emotional toll on many Americans

  • ensuring access to prescription medication so patients can continue to address their health concerns during this time.

  • partnering with community organizations to ensure that people who need important supports are getting them.

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