Don’t Disrupt Health Care Coverage

Jason’s health insurance provider made sure his family could focus on his recovery after a health emergency – instead of worrying about the cost. Read his personal story.

“I am one of these Americans, and I think my story represents the peace of mind — in otherwise traumatic situations — that quality coverage can provide Arizonans. On one Sunday morning in 2016, I was getting ready to drive our family to church. I suddenly had this shooting pain in my back, and it felt like someone was squeezing my chest. I couldn’t breathe, and I thought I was having a heart attack. We immediately went to the hospital and, after a battery of tests, the doctors determined I would need surgery to remove my gall bladder.”

"Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly, and thanks to my health plan I paid next to nothing."

“Without my health plan, this health emergency would have been a major financial challenge for our family. Total costs would have exceeded $36,000. With our health coverage, we only owed $80. As policymakers look for ways to improve the health care system, it’s important they not disrupt coverage for those of us who are happy with our health plan. Families like mine.”

– Jason; Peoria, AZ
(This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Peoria Times.)

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